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Bath Soak (420g)

Bath Soak (420g)

This luxury bath soak is designed to help you physically and enegetically recharge at the end of the year. These magnesium bath salts are infused with pure essential oil to support you shed tension, soothe the skin and rebalance your nervous system. 


Relax into your Essence: this bath soak contains lavender and frankincense essential oils that support your immunity, reduce anxiety and rejuvenate your skin. Frankincense brings natural sacredness to your bath and honouring of Self.


Uplift your Essence: infused with lemongrass and tangerine this bath soak is all about invigoration. Tangerine works with lemongrass, a natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, to bring you a naturally uplifting aroma so you can feel re-energised.

  • Ingredients

    Relax into your Essence: magesium salts, himalyan salts, rose petals, lavender petals, baking soda, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil.

    Uplift your Essence: magesium salts, himalyan salts, rose petals, lavender petals, baking soda, lemongrass essential oil, tangerine essential oil.

  • Refunds

    Unfortunately this product cannot be refunded due to hygiene reasons. However, if there are faults with the product please contact Grounding Essence on and I'll try my best to find a solution.

  • Shipping

    At the moment I can only deliver to Brisbane residents but keep an eye out in 2022 as I'll be looking to bring products to you no matter where you are!

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