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About Grounding Essence

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Grounding Essence is dedicated to creating a nurturing space for you to alleviate stress and ground back into your feminine essence. I draw on ancient yogic tools, intuitive massage and etheric healing techniques to support you come back into equilibrium so that you can connect with yourself and others from a place of heart.

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About Gemma

My name is Gemma. I also respond fondly to Gem. Like most humans, I'm a lot of things all wrapped into one. A yogi, a masseuse, a woman, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a traveller, a soul searcher.


One of my yoga mentor says, "you should teach because you understand suffering".


We all endure suffering in some way. I imagine you too have endured hardships, physical or mental. Perhaps that's why you're here. The challenges and traumas of my life led me to discover yoga and meditation. And as I continued down this path, I was met by different forms of embodiment and movement.


These modalities helped me to feel, to slow down, and to reconnect.


I want the same for you. I want the same for your community. And Grounding Essence is that offering.


I've trained in a range of modalities so that I can bring you this wisdom. Holding a Bachelor in Science, I was interested to learn the modern science behind these ancient practices. I studied my 200 hours of yoga as a lifestyle medicine with the BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation. I went onto study an additional 150+ hours of yoga with Zama Institute and Miriam Van Doorn in the fields of yin, restorative, pre/post natal and chakra yoga. Some of my additional training has been in trauma informed practice.

Meditation is interwoven throughout all practice and has been a sacred tool I consistently revisit. Throughout my own personal journey I've practiced a variety of meditation but was called to study the kundalini lineage after having some powerful experiences myself. I've undertaken 110 hours of kundalini meditation teacher training with the 13 Moons Womens' Temple which also entailed Womens' circle facilitation, reiki and subtle body healing. 

I am a qualified practitioner in intuitive Balinese massage, pregnancy massage and postnatal massage. My massage training has been undertaken with the Institute of Intuitive Bodyworks, Pregnancy Massage Australia and Massage Schools of Queensland.

My ultimate aim is to create a safe, nurturing environment for you to ground back into your unique feminine essence.

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