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Grounded Mumma

Hello beautiful woman,

I sense you're beginning, or perhaps continuing, a significant transition. You're a Mumma.

Being a Mumma is no small feat. It's one of the deepest forms of spiritual work on this Earth. I've witnessed motherhood break open the hearts of many women. Some days are extraordinary and other days are just so incredibly hard. This journey of motherhood is so personal. No pregnancy is the same. No baby is the same. No woman is the same. No day is the same. And yet you show up over and over again to cradle this little Soul, whether within or without of you, in a cloud of unconditional love within the safety of your arms.

You know what Mumma,

you deserve to be held too.

Grounded Mumma is here to hold you, with unconditional love, exactly as you are.

This is not a place with expert advice on how to be mother-of-the-year whilst a top CEO and also sailing around the world after running a marathon. No.

Grounded Mumma is a safe, supportive nest for your mind, body and Spirit as you navigate this evolving version of you

Behind Grounded Mumma is me, Gem. I'm a gentle Soul and a natural nurturer. I am also a yoga & meditation teacher, intuitive and pre/post-natal massage therapist, a reiki practitioner and womens' circle facilitator. 

I am not a Mumma.

So how did Grounded Mumma surface? 

 I've been witnessing many of my Soul sisters journey into motherhood. I've been with them through pregnancy. I supported one of my closest, dearest sisters through labour and birth. I've listened to the rollercoaster ride that can be postpartum. I've also held beautiful sisters through loss when their baby's Soul hasn't been able to make it into the physical realm.

I've seen and heard that a mother's journey is big and can be unpredictable on many levels. Life doesn't stop for this transition either. The world keeps spinning even though you are going through several changes all in one day.

Mumma's need space.

The things is, when you create & birth a new Soul, you also birth a new version of you. You're not the same woman you used to be; I see you. Grounded Mumma is your space to reconnect with your essence, your body, your mind, your Spirit. You are part of a powerful community of sisters. 

Welcome home, Mumma.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Mini Retreats

Massage packages


Yoga & Meditation

As an expectant or new Mumma, you want to feel empowered and connected to your body during this transformative time. Grounded Mumma aims to highlight the importance of slowing down and finding balance in your hectic new life, as best you can. My prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are designed to help you connect with your baby, calm your nervous system, and bring some peace to your mind. Through yoga practice, I encourage you to be present in the moment and connect with your spirit to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and your baby. Short, easy to integrate, meditations have been created from a place of loving care and are available in the shopping section. Download your free mindfulness meditation below:

Upcoming prenatal yoga course: starting Sunday 30 June

Revive Yoga& Wellness Centre, Springfield Lakes

  • Join me Gem for a six-week prenatal yoga course designed to support yo...

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    Starts Jun 30

    220 Australian dollars

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Massage Rituals

At Grounding Essence, I provide professional massage services that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or at one of my treatment locations. Grounded Mumma focuses on pregnancy and postpartum massages. These massages are offered in a variety of packages that provide a special ritual space so we can honour and nurture your journey of motherhood. More information about pregnancy and postpartum massage packages are coming soon! Payment plans and special financial assistance may be available for single mothers, First Nations mothers and mothers experiencing personal hardship.

Pop up sessions at Inna Essence (Underwood) and Revive Yoga & Wellness (Springfield)

Mini Mumma Retreats

Grounded Mumma retreats are designed for mothers seeking solitude within a community of sisters where they can find grounding, solace and support. These mini retreats provide an empowering space for women to rest and recharge over 3-4 hours every two months. I incorporate the healing power of nature and foster an environment that is both peaceful and supportive. I understand that as a mother it can be tough to prioritize self-care, which is why I have curated an experience that allows you to do just that. Join us for a half day and experience pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Upcoming retreat dates: Saturday 15 June, 2pm-5pm

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