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Grounding Essence provides classes that are spiritually nourishing and scientifically informed so that you can walk away feeling grounded and empowered.

What you seek is seeking you.


Classes: Quote

I Feel Good Fitness
Middle Park

Vinyasa & Deep Stretch

Monday 9am-10am
Wednesday 9am -10am

Inna Essence


Gentle, Restorative & Intro Yoga

Sunday 5.45pm-6.45pm Gentle Yoga

Sunday 7.00pm-7.45pm Intro Yoga

Monday 6.30am-7.30am VinYin

Wednesday 7pm-8pm Restorative

Revive Yoga & Wellness Centre
Springfield Lakes

Prenatal Yoga

Sundays 11am-12.15pm

(six week course)

Jindalee Fitness


Occasional Classes

Check my IG or FB page to be notified when I'm covering classes.

More classes coming soon

1:1 private classes

Online & in-person

Allow Gem to guide you, your family, group of friends or workplace through yoga. Gem's sequences are scientifically informed and can also include in chakra yoga, yin yoga, chair yoga & pre/post natal yoga.


Classes Explained

Vinyasa yoga

During a vinyasa yoga class you will flow from one posture to the next as you gradually align movement with the breath. Vinyasa classes tend to go at a fast pace with variations given to suit your body's needs during any given class.

Yin Yoga

Find your edge between sensation and stillness. Yin yoga provides you with space for long, deep posture holds to target your deep tissues. This style of yoga aims to increase your flexibility and support you quieten the busy mind. Give yourself the opportunity to slow down and take a break.

VinYin yoga

VinYin yoga gives you the opportunity to get the best of both worlds. You'll start with flowing poses to build your strength, balance and core. This class will end with long deep stretches to help you increase flexibility, relieve your connective tissues and bring calmness to your mind.

Restorative Yoga

Allow yourself to be transported to a place of deep relaxation. If you are craving stillness this is the yoga for you. Let yourself be supported by props while holding long, passive postures that support the rebalance of your nervous system and bring you back into you.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation is an embodied practice that utilises breath, mudra (hand gestures), mantra (phrases) and sometimes physical movement. A kundalini meditation aims to awaken dormant energy within your body. This meditation can be beneficial for your cognitive function, nervous system and energetic body.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Pre and postnatal yoga is completely tailored to a woman's changing body whilst growing a life and after birthing this new life into the world. Pre and postnatal yoga acknowledges the physical and emotional changes you're going through and ultimately aims to support you during this transition.

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I send my deepest compassion, understanding and heartfelt respect to the First Nations people of the land on which I practice & reside. I see you. I honour you.

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