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Grounding Essence provides a safe, nurturing environment for you to relax and receive. This isn't an 'in-and-out' service. Gem takes the time to understand your needs and support you on your journey... whether it's one session or the start of many.
*Mobile services available*

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Revive Yoga & Wellness: Saturday 27 July, 10am-6pm

Inna Essence: Sunday 28 July, 11am-4pm

Intuitive aromatherapy massage

Allow yourself time to drop into a state of deep presence. This form of massage is founded on the ancient techniques of intuitive Balinese massage. Prior to the session, Gemma will work with you to tailor a unique blend of essential oils to support the nourishment of your muscles and rebalance your nervous system. Utilising her qualifications and experience as a meditation facilitator, Gem will guide you through a full body relaxation prior to your massage so that your mind slows down and body fully relaxes for your massage. Long, flowing strokes gradually work into deep connective tissue to release tension and blockages lingering in the physical body. 

This form of massage is beneficial to:

  • alieviate impacts of stress on the mind and body

  • manage the symptoms of menstruation and menopause

  • reduce tension and pain in your muscles and deep tissue

45min - $77

60min - $88

Subtle body reiki

Subtle body reiki draws on traditional reiki principles and yogic science to realign your energy pathways (chi/prana), clear emotional blockages and support your overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 

Reiki is beneficial for you if you:

  • want support to move stuck emotions and inner narratives

  • seeking support for deeper sleep & stress reduction

  • want to maintain good spiritual hygiene & cleanse your etheric field

  • want to feel recharged, energised & grounded

45min - $77

60min - $88

Massage and subtle body alignment

Ground back into your physical and etheric body with the holistic combination of intuitive massage and subtle body reiki. This treatment starts with an intuitive aromatherapy massage to release tension and alleviate stress in your physical being. After your massage, we transition into subtle body reiki to clear stuck prana (energy flow), move old emotions and release old patterns to support your subtle body (chakra points) align.

60min - $88

90min - $120

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy and postnatal massage is a beautiful way to tend to yourself as a mother. Allow yourself to be nurtured as you journey into this next chapter of life whether you're a brand new mother or about to welcome another bundle of joy to your tribe! Your mind, body and spirit are in a potent transition so this is your time to receive.

*Pregnancy & postpartum massage & yoga care packages available*

Pregnancy massage has an array of benefits for you and your baby during each trimester including: 

  • reduces neck, shoulder, hip & lower back pain

  • builds your mother-baby connection

  • helps to reduce anxiety which can aid sleep


Postnatal massage is a beautiful way to nourish your body & spirit in your fourth trimester. Performed in the puerperium period, the six week period post birth, postnatal massage helps to:

  • relieve shoulder and neck pain from breast feeding

  • support the balance of your hormones post birth

  • allows you to receive nurture & care during this huge transition

60min - $95

90min - $130

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