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What is energy healing?

Have you ever stood next to someone and had a good feeling being near them?

Or perhaps you've experienced the opposite? You've had some bad vibes creeping your way in the presence of another.

Chances are, you've felt into the etheric body of another person. This is also known as the subtle energy body.

As a human, being part of this planet, you are composed of trillions and trillions of cells. And those cells are composed of molecules and atoms. What holds your molecules together is a constant play of prana (energy) between the atoms that make your cells.

Different reactions to life can impact your subtle body as well as the physical body.

For instance, if you're experiencing a lot of stress in your life the way your muscles react down to a cellular level will impact your overall prana and therefore your subtle energy body.

To put it simply, you may be feeling low energy, defeated, on edge or generally burnt out. Not surprising given the year that has been.

When using reiki or subtle energy healing I'm working with your etheric body. My purest aim is to support your energetic body to rebalance. To soothe. To come back into your natural flow.

If your logical and analytical mind is finding this all a bit too irrational, I understand. I've been there too. So let me bring the concept of co-regulation into this conversation. Co-regulation is a common term in psychology used to describe the emotional linkage between two people. To a degree, subtle energy healing and reiki are a deep form of co-regulation. But it does go deeper than that and to understand what I mean you need to be able to experience it for yourself.

Just as I do with massage, my energy healings are intuitive by nature. This isn't about how I think I should start to connect in with your etheric body. This modality is about feeling into the energy of you and the greater energy around us.

While I do tend to gently place a hand of areas of the body during a healing, I can give a completely hands free healing because I'm working with your etheric body rather than your physical body. So if you don't like to be touched or you're not a massage lover then this may be really beneficial for you.

However, if you do love massage but also want to experience a healing then a massage healing would be a beautiful way to unwind. This is an intuitive aromatherapy massage followed by a reiki or subtle body energy healing. I can even describe the level of relaxation I see on the faces of clients who receive this. Pure bliss!

So if you're feeling tired, worn out or depleted this is a modality that can help you ground back into you. All you have to do is lie down and receive. That's it. Literally, that is all you have to do. And I bet lying down doing a whole lot of nothing even sounds nice right now!

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