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Slow down  
Awaken your
feminine essence

Currently available:

Intuitive, pregnancy and postpartum massage

In-person & distance reiki

New moon meditation (free)

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Book in for a massage or reiki treatment

Allow yourself time to drop into a space of deep presence and peace. An intuitive massage, reiki healing, massage healing and pregnancy massage is a moment in time to honour yourself, rebalance and reconnect with your feminine essence. Appointments available at Springfield Lakes and mobile around Brisbane & surrounding suburbs.

Try a meditation or yoga session

Grounding Essence offers a range of meditation and yoga modalities to support you ground. Sound bath meditations, kundalini meditations & womens' meditation circles are regularly hosted by Gem. Not sure if it's for you? Come along to the FREE online new moon manifestation meditation on each month.



Grounding Essence offers yoga privately and for groups. Gem is an experienced yogi and teacher. She has taught in the corporate environment, in yoga studios, gyms and social events. Gift yourself or your community the opportunity to slow down, reconnect with your body and ground into the present.

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Take grounding essence home with you

The Grounding Collection features a range of handmade, natural products to support you soothe your nervous system & ground into your feminine essence no matter where you are! Products are made from high quality sustainable materials and are locally sourced where possible to maintain a low ecological footprint. They are a beautiful addition to your grounding practice and make for a meaningful gift for those you hold close to your heart.

A letter to you...

Hello dear one,

I believe everything comes to us when we are ready and need it most. So it is no coincidence that you are here on this page.

You are here because it’s time to come home. It’s time to slow down. To pause. To be still. To connect from a place of truth and authenticity with yourself and with those around you.

I know that this can be scary. So I am here to help you ground back into your true essence – because the world needs you.

Grounding Essence is exactly that. Grounding; to re-balance, to re-connect, to be held. Essence; your unique blueprint, your truth, you in totality.

Grounding Essence draws on the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, massage and movement to engage the wisdom of your being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

There is a science to this spirituality. I want to share that with you. And I want to share it with your community whether that is your family, significant other, your friends or your work colleagues.

Let’s build meaningful connection. Firstly, with Self. And then, with the world around us.

I’m so happy you are here and I can’t wait to journey with you.

With gratitude,

Gem – Grounding Essence.

I started going to Gemma's yoga classes when we went into lockdown. I was lucky to still be working and all my work was online which meant my body was dealing with a different kind of stress. Gemma's classes provided the space for my mind to come into the present and my body to stretch with gentle ease. Gemma has a real skill leading these sessions, gentle introductions to movement and encourage to progress. Being new to yoga, Gemma has been an incredible teacher and I'm really looking forward to enjoying many more sessions of yoga led by Gemma.

Jane Morton

Contact me.

0435 085 503

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I send my deepest compassion, understanding and heartfelt respect to the First Nations people of the land on which I practice & reside. I see you. I honour you.

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