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Slow down  
Awaken your
feminine essence

Coming up:

Grounded Woman Winter Solstice retreat 

2pm-6pm Sat 22 June 


Grounded Mumma mini retreat

2pm-5pm Sat 15 June

Next massage & reiki availability 

Inna Essence: Sunday 23 June

Revive Yoga & Wellness: Saturday 27 July

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Book in for a massage or reiki treatment

Allow yourself time to drop into a space of deep presence and peace. An intuitive massage, subtle body reiki, and pregnancy or postpartum massage is a moment in time to honour yourself, rebalance and reconnect with your feminine essence. Pop up appointments available at Springfield Lakes, Underwood and mobile around Paddington & surrounding suburbs. 

Women's retreats and gatherings

There is nothing quite as potent than when women gather with sacred intention. Step into a safe and empowering space at Gem’s women’s gatherings. Come as you are; confused, tired, excited, at a loss, in transition ~ all of you is welcome and embraced. Brisbane based mini retreats including Grounded Woman and Grounded Mumma offer you space to explore different modalities of self enquiry so you may reconnect to your innate wisdom and intuition within. Occasional guest facilitators will feature at some of our gatherings to share their unique gifts and medicine. For a long time the world told women they had to be small but now it's time to take up the space you deserve and be part of a new wave of grounded, empowered women. 

Try a meditation or yoga session

Grounding Essence offers a range of meditation and yoga modalities to support you ground into your body. Grounding Essence offers yoga privately and for groups. Gem is an experienced yogi and teacher. She has taught in the corporate environment, in yoga studios, gyms and social events. Gift yourself or your community the opportunity to slow down, reconnect with your body and ground into the present.

Grounded Mumma

The transition into motherhood is deeply personal and reflective. Learn practices to help ground yourself during this life transition that you can carry with you post birth. Gem provides supportive and empowering prenatal yoga courses, pregnancy and postpartum massage, and mini retreats for expecting and new mummas.

I started going to Gemma's yoga classes when we went into lockdown. I was lucky to still be working and all my work was online which meant my body was dealing with a different kind of stress. Gemma's classes provided the space for my mind to come into the present and my body to stretch with gentle ease. Gemma has a real skill leading these sessions, gentle introductions to movement and encourage to progress. Being new to yoga, Gemma has been an incredible teacher and I'm really looking forward to enjoying many more sessions of yoga led by Gemma.

Jane Morton

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0435 085 503

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I send my deepest compassion, understanding and heartfelt respect to the First Nations people of the land on which I practice & reside. I see you. I honour you.

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